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Applied Countermeasures Group


Security Consulting & Mentoring

Our security consulting and mentoring program provides you with an opportunity to build a relationship with our professional security consultants. Our consultants use their training and experience to help you develop effective safety and security practices. ACG consultants are educators, presenters and members of local, state, national and international safety and security organizations. We bring our network to you and offer a full spectrum of security services.
• Gain greater focus, clarity and accountability for your security solutions.
• Develop a partnership with security experts.
• Access to professionals with knowledge in safety, security and emergency preparation.
• Evaluate current security measures to validate existing processes.
• Proactively approach and mitigate your security related vulnerabilities.

For more information about Security Consulting & Mentoring, please call us at: 612-442-1355 or email us at: info@tacticalacg.com.


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