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School Safety & Security

Have you taken action to enhance your security measures and prepare your staff and students to respond appropriately to an emergency situation?
At ACG, our goal is to enhance school safety and security measures by preparing you for a planned coordinated response vs reacting to an emergency situation without a plan or training. Our consultants offer consulting and proactive services utilizing integrative technologies and current threat assessment models while preventing targeted school violence and developing risk management options.
The first step in school safety and security is conducting a comprehensive risk assessment. We will provide a roadmap for mitigation while providing you a transparent snapshot of your current safety and security measures and preparation.
ACG consultants work directly with school officials and administrators to address safety and security gaps. Our consultants will help you implement Targeted Violence Prevention Plans, Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Teams, Central Reporting Mechanisms and training for all stakeholders.

For more information about School Safety & Security Training, please contact us at: 612-442-1355 or email us at: info@tacticalacg.com.


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