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Applied Countermeasures Group


Security Risk Assessments

The core foundation for building your security plan starts with a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment. Our focus is to identify vulnerabilities and strategically develop effective ways to mitigate them. After conducting the assessment, ACG consultants will work directly with you and your team to discuss options for mitigation so they align with your budget and complement your culture.
During our assessment, we’ll look at your physical structure(s), access control systems, current technology used within your security programs, alarm systems, emergency procedures and risks connected to insider threat concerns.
Next, ACG consultants can help your organization develop or revise Emergency Action Plans (EAPs). This will ensure the EAPs are effective and provide you with the best solutions for working through emergency situations that align with your risks and environment.
Once the Security Assessment and EAPs are completed, ACG provides our clients with a comprehensive report and presentation on our findings. These reports help our clients review your current state of readiness along with providing a roadmap to address future mitigations and developing new policy and procedures.


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