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Emergency Response POWER Program


Places of worship across the nation lack in having effective security measures in place to protect their congregation and are falling victim to criminal activity at an alarming rate. There are over 350,000 places of worship within the United States and most operate with minimal or no security measures in place. The lack of preparation makes your place of worship a prime target for those who wish to cause you harm.

ACG has developed the POWER Program (Place of Worship Emergency Response) and the POWER HOUSE certification program for all who work or volunteer at their place of worship.

Our programs have been recognized as one of the most comprehensive and scalable processes offered to places of worship. The POWER Program encompasses solutions for all safety and security concerns and initiatives. POWER HOUSE certification provides a proactive safety and security approach through our custom designed training programs.

We are experts in our field and specialize in risk assessments, emergency action planning and training for all areas that ministries serve.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or a speaking event. Find out how your place of worship can become POWER HOUSE certified so we can help you achieve your safety and security goals!

ACG President Dave sits with Pastor Kyle and discusses how working with ACG has helped his church.

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