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Places Of Worship Emergency Response POWER Program


Places of worship across the nation and around the world are witnessing suspicious and criminal behaviors while falling victim to criminal activity at an alarming rate. There are over 350,000 places of worship within the United States and most operate with minimal or no security measures in place. The lack of preparation makes them a prime target for those who wish to cause harm while taking advantage of others, vandalizing property and committing acts of theft.

ACG has developed a Places of Worship Emergency Response (POWER) Program that can be applied to any place of worship. The training and certification process are a gateway to start and enhance safety and security within your ministries. ACG consultants have first-hand experience implementing, training and managing safety and security ministries at their places of worship.
The POWER Program starts with a security risk assessment. This assessment looks at your physical security and takes a comprehensive look into each of your ministries.

Next, ACG consultants will help you develop Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) along with helping you establish a faith-based Safety & Security Team and procedures. We offer a variety of training for staff, members and volunteers in the various areas they serve.

Our POWER Program has been validated by insurance companies and serves as an additional avenue on saving money while offering a high level of protection to your organization. Our consultants frequently serve as key note speakers and conduct training at seminars and conferences throughout the United States.

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