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Power House Certification

ACG’s POWER HOUSE certification program is a nationwide initiative that creates and fosters a safer environment for all places of worship through our professionally designed programs that address your safety and security concerns. You will experience sustained reduction in criminal and threatening activity by proactively preparing for emergency situations and minimizing risk.
Our POWER HOUSE Program uses nationally recognized curriculum and training based on proven best practices and our partnerships with local, state and federal public safety agencies. The program also sharpens leadership skills to drive fundamental safety and security change through your organization.

What have you done to prepare your place of worship for emergencies?

Do you have a sustainable safety and security program that addresses everything from access control to locating a missing child?

Have you implemented appropriate background checks on volunteers that are working with children?

Are you trained and prepared to address a registered sex offender attending your church?

How would your staff respond to an active threat?

What is your current state of readiness?

A foundational approach is key to a successful safety and security program that will continue to evolve over time. The POWER HOUSE Program is an ideal process for churches that want to enhance their safety and security but are not sure where to start. Our program provides a vehicle and roadmap that will take your church from its current state of preparation to ultimately achieving your safety and security goals.

Once your place of worship becomes POWER HOUSE certified it enables you to:
Become more organized and efficient in safety & security operations.
Create plans and goals that address current vulnerabilities and future hazards.
Provide a common operating and training platform for all staff and volunteers.
Reduce your risk throughout all of your ministries and operations.
Reduce your insurance rates with participating insurance companies.
Provide your congregants another opportunity to serve within your community.

Proudly display the POWER HOUSE member certification seal at your church!


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