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Now that you have recognized that it’s time to improve your security plan and you have committed to making some changes, let’s talk process. Human nature determines how we “REACT” to high stress situations or critical incidents. Having a sound plan and actively participating in appropriate advanced training offers an opportunity to proactively “RESPOND” to them.

As we have seen in recent events, businesses, schools, churches and other organizations have not prepared themselves to handle critical events. At ACG, we are committed to providing you with options for enhancing your security measures and conducting training preparing you for a proper response to a critical incident. Understanding the process before you start will provide you with an opportunity for the best possible outcome!

Our program consists of 4 basic steps:
Conducting a Risk Assessment
Our consultants have developed a physical and operational security vulnerability assessment process that takes an in-depth look at every aspect of your organization to identify and understand your vulnerabilities. Our specialized assessments are the foundation for better understanding your current level of emergency preparation and developing a plan to take it to the next level. We will identify and address problematic areas to enhance your overall safety and security.
Program Design
Our designed programs are unique to each client’s specific needs, offering all levels of desired protection to reach your safety and security goals. We will develop and help implement emergency action plans to serve and protect your greatest asset, YOUR PEOPLE.
We will work with your team to implement the most advanced security measures available through training and current technology while identifying best practices and implementing new security initiatives that align with your culture.
Our consultants offer a diverse range of training options to better prepare you for unexpected critical events. Our training programs include basic techniques that can be easily utilized by your staff. We also conduct on-site scenario-based training, providing an opportunity to train in your environment, exposing participants to realistic emergency events with sound solutions.

To jump ahead in this sequence would be putting the cart before the horse. Your investment of time spent during the assessment will determine program design that best serves your organization.

Give us a call today and let’s work together to design a program that’s right for you!

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