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Applied Countermeasures Group


Behavior Recognition & Response

Take a proactive step to enhance your security program by training your staff to identify suspicious and threatening behaviors. We will evaluate your current security procedures and correlate them to counter techniques used by those seeking to cause you harm.
Our Behavior Recognition and Response (BRR) Program is designed to train you to detect suspicious behaviors by utilizing environmental and humanistic anomalies to establish baselines within your environment.
Introduction to Behavior Recognition and Response (IBRR) is a 2-hour course that provides an overview of techniques, such as verbal and non-verbal behaviors associated with fear, anxiety and deception, commonly associated with criminal activity. We will explore and present current methods and trends of suspicious behaviors commonly associated with people conducting pre-criminal or pre-attack activities along with an overview of insider threat behaviors and mitigation recommendations.
Our IBRR course was developed for businesses, organizational leaders, administrators, senior staff, school teachers, managers, supervisors, human resource professionals and anyone in need of a higher sense of awareness, providing them with the ability to manage resources within their organization.

Additional BRR class options and certifications are available for your frontline staff, security team and active law enforcement professionals.

Contact us for more information about Behavior Recognition and Response training options at: 612-442-1355 or email us at: info@tacticalacg.com.


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