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When you’re faced with emergency situations are you responding or reacting to them? When you identify and understand your vulnerabilities you are better equipped to mitigate them. We know there are highly effective physical security measures that can be put in place and that there are acceptable risks your willing to take but Somewhere in between there is a balance that aligns with your culture so you can provide a safe environment while operating safely, effectively and efficiently.

At ACG we work closely with you and your staff to identify vulnerabilities and offer solutions for mitigation. When your Risk Assessment is complete and clarity is achieved we will develop Emergency Action Plans and training programs that make sense and offer you the best solutions for responding to emergency situations!

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Places of Worship

Faithfully securing your church and your community!

Educational Facilities

We focus on security so you can focus on education!

Retail Sales Industry

Getting security measures in place so you can focus on the sale!

Corporate Facilities

Executive level coaching and mentoring!

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