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Applied Countermeasures Group


Active Threat / Shooter Response

Active threat situations, active shooter incidents, terrorist attacks and workplace violence events are becoming far too common and you must be prepared to respond appropriately to reduce injuries and the potential loss of life. We offer customized training for our clients to detect, deter and defeat these tragic situations. We will train your team to recognize potential threats, increase situational awareness and create a prepared response plan to enhance your survivability when faced with an active threat.
Our Active Threat Response (ATR) training program provides instruction and hands on scenario-based training within your environment. Our program, along with our recommended physical security measures, will provide you with a solid foundation for your security program.
ACG consultants will work with you to determine the best technology solutions for active threat notification using real time intelligence through mass alert notification systems.

For more information about Active Threat/Shooter Response Training and Technology contact us at 612-442-1355 or email us at: info@tacticalacg.com.


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